So I’m finally getting around to writing this first blog post! Hurrah! This is mainly because I’m procrastinating about all the other things I probably should be doing instead. Like the book keeping, the laundry, food shopping, Save the Dates etc. While the toddler naps I’ve been supping my cuppa thinking just do it, stop over thinking it.
So here I am! I’ve been putting this off, thinking I have nothing interesting to write about! The first post is always the hardest they say. Why do I have nothing to write about? I thought I’d be quite boring, even though I realised I actually do have quite a few interests. The problem is I don’t act on those interests often enough. I convince myself I will be rubbish at everything and I put it off. Not any more! (She hopes) I am going to blog about a lot of things, my family, my interests and their outcomes, a new group I hope to join locally to me (when it gets going properly) and books. Probably throw in a couple of those oh so popular hauls vloggers and bloggers love doing also. Any excuse for a shopping trip!
So stick around and live vicariously through me, hopefully I will be able to chat to some new people very soon!

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