Busy B Haul

So I’ve mentioned before I rather like stationery. Therefore it comes as no surprise that while re-organising the loft/office space, I should find an excuse to purchase more! I really like the Busy B brand, their range of stationery is not only cute it’s actually really practical. Just what I need to keep on track of family/business life.

I ordered;
School year calendar – £10.99
Sticky Notes – £6.50
Tin of labels – £6.99
Sticky page markers – £3.99
Christmas labels in metallic – £3.99

(Disclaimer: I have not been paid for this post and the links are not affiliate links. I just love this brand!)

The Tin of labels includes some blank labels with pretty borders handy for sticking on gifts. They also include some small circular stickers, a couple have pretty borders and a plain centre, one has a floral picture while others are shaped as flowers, all cute for adorning cards. Then there are stickers saying Thank you, Happy Birthday, Best Wishes and With Love again great for sealing cards and presents. All in a handy cute tin, which is very useful when it’s no longer storing sticky labels.

The Christmas labels (I know it’s too early for Christmas!) have a lovely metallic sheen, again great for sticking on cards and labelling gifts. We always seem to get to Christmas and have no labels, so seeing as I needed a couple of extra pounds to qualify for their gift offer, at the time, I thought may as well pop them in while I remember!

The Page Markers are so useful while I’m making so many notes in multiple notebooks I can mark important pages I need to refer back to and remember to do. They’re also good for sticking on business documents to remind the other half he has things to sign. Better still they’re all so cute so it makes paperwork a little more appealing (at least on the eye).

Take Notes sticky note pads, this is what I qualified for to get free when I spent over a certain amount (no longer on offer I’m afraid!) This pad is so useful, one half has two slim, list sized sticky pages and the other size is a nice large square all with pretty pastel graphics. I’m forever labelling business forms with sticky notes to remember what still needs to be done so I can’t wait to get using these.

Lastly is the Academic Calendar, this calendar is going to make reading all our upcoming events so much easier. There are individual columns where you can label up to 5 people or subjects and a birthday column on the end for recording whose birthday it is, so there’s no forgetting anyone (we hope!) It’s going to make things less messy and clearer to read, as events can be written in our own columns. With a wedding to plan, various appointments, events and holiday’s, this calendar is going to be worth every penny spent on it. It also has a selection of cute stickers to use to jazz it up a bit or save yourself writing the same thing several times.

I would definitely recommend Busy B to people with hectic lives who need practical organisation. The items are so useful, I have quite the selection now and they’re pretty too! Double whammy!


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