Count down to…

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!

Excuse the dodgy photo-shop.

At the end of this month I get to have a little mini break in London with T. The first time we spend two nights away from C. I’m slightly anxious already about leaving him, I know he will be fine with Grandma, but I’m worried he’ll really want us and we won’t be here!

I still can’t wait though, we are truly spoiling ourselves with 1st class train tickets and two nights in a 4* Hotel. We’re staying close to where it all started, not too far from Bloomsbury publishing. If only I had time to fit in the Harry Potter Tour again between shows! It would be a very Harry Potter themed weekend. It will be nice to see some sights, maybe do a little shopping. I would love to go to Hamley’s to make a bigger start on my Christmas Shopping for C. Yes, I have already started Christmas shopping, yes I am bringing this up in July! Haha. I think though, Hamley’s is one of those places to go with C. Maybe when he’s a little older and I can enjoy watching his face as he marvels at all of the toys.

Any one else going to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? Any one been already? #KeeptheSecrets! No spoilers from me.


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