Treasure Hunt

Welcome to the first instalment of What We Read Wednesday.

Book Title: Treasure Hunt on the Farm
Author: Emma Jennings, Natalie Munday and Amy Oliver
Publisher: Priddy Books.

This is a lovely fold out picture book which C really loves to look at. It’s one of the ones he goes for the most. We sit together and he uses my finger to point at the pictures on the pages he wants me to name. Sometimes he has a go at trying to say them himself, we nearly got a whole ‘cheese’ out of him this week.

The book is full of bold colour and clear pictures of animals, vehicles, food and objects you might use on a farm. I would say this book is good for learning language, finding and counting what’s on the pages. There is a puzzle on each page to match the shape of an item to the silhouette, as well as find the little black bunny. We aren’t quite at the counting and puzzle stage, but he’s definitely getting more interested in trying to say the names when asked.

The book has an age rating of 2+ but that is dependent on your child and what they are capable of. C is nearly 18 months and like I mentioned it’s one of the books he goes for the most because of the bold pictures. He’s loved it since Nana bought it two months ago. Thanks Nana!

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