Creative Lull

I seem to be in a bit of a creative lull. Boo! I haven’t had that spark in a while, I feel empty. I used to get the feeling of butterflies inside as my brain brewed up lots of schemes and ideas for things to do. Now, I sit and struggle to think what I want to do. My imagination no longer runs away with itself. Sad times.

I have had some thoughts and ideas, but they’ve not ignited that spark within which makes me want to hideaway from the world and focus. I think knowing that I am fully responsible for C and needing to put him first has meant I don’t allow myself to get carried away. I have to be the adult and do adult things. I squeeze the odd blog post out when he naps.

I am on a mission to rediscover my creativity.

First step… Get organised. Clean and tidy home = clean and tidy mind, plenty of space for it to wander. 
I think I remember where I lost my creativity. It ran away and hid when I had to pack up my own little space so that C could have a bedroom. I wish we had space for me to have my own little snug. 
Second step… find myself a space thats just mine. Easier said than done, unless I have a room of requirement I never knew about, but then I never needed one before so maybe it will show itself soon. *crosses fingers*
Third step… get a new laptop at least if I have a portable computer I can attempt to write in any room for the time being. The old one really is dying and it’s not convenient to keep running up to the loft. That may just be what I ask Santa for this year. I hope he’s feeling generous.

Sorry if this has just come out as word vomit. I’m de-clouding the fog from my brain.
I would say normal service will resume, but I don’t appear to have really settled on one.


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