Parent Hack: Jigsaw Puzzles

If like us at Christmas your little cherubs were bought lots of fab new toys with small bits and bobs that seem to get lost instantly the minute the plastic wraps burst open, then I may have the solution for you.

This year my son seemed to get no end of mixed boxes of jigsaw puzzles. Once out of their individual plastic wraps, when tidied away again in their boxes they get muddled, it becomes a mission to sort through each one before you can start to use them again. Well we have come up with what we hope is a great solution for keeping them separated and tidy.

All you will need is:
A5/A4 Plastic wallets
The offending jigsaw pieces
Some kind of printer

You can do this as part of play time and sit with your children together and make all your lovely puzzles. Or if you just want to get it done stress free, lock yourself away with a hot cup of tea and blitz through them (this was my choice as we have the workmen in!)

I made up each jigsaw puzzle and took a photo of it once completed on my camera phone. You may be able to just cut out the completed pictures from the boxes and leaflets included. I then used my nifty little HP Sprocket to print out the pictures of the completed jigsaws, this was really handy for me because the printer paper has a sticky back. Then I just stuck those straight on to our plastic wallets and put the correct puzzle in each one. Voila! Simple. It keeps them neat and compact as you don’t have 10 chunky boxes to try and store. They will slot easily into a toy box or maybe even a little magazine file.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

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