2017 Seed Recap

No, you’ve not read that wrong… yes it is 2018. Last year was a pretty busy one and all the wonderful seeds I purchased in eagerness to plant on the plot got left in a dark cupboard, well apart from the pumpkins that is. So I have quite the collection for this year now that I actually have beds to plant into. So lets recap on 2017’s seed selection..

Beetroot – Boltardy (I did sow some of these but forgot to transplant most of them, I harvested 2 small ones)
Broccoli – Purple Sprouting (we had too much rain so what I had sowed of these, failed spectacularly!)
Carrot – 
Chantenay Red Cored 2
Chives – Perennial
Gherkin – Vento Pickling
Lettuce – All Year Round
Pumpkins – Carving
Radish – French Breakfast 3
Rocket – Wild
Spinach Perpetual – Leaf Beet
Spring Onion – White Lisbon
Sweetcorn – F1 Sundance
Sunflower – Titan

The Pumpkins did amazingly well, the only small issue we had was that they stayed rather green. I don’t think they were getting enough warmth from the sun. So to try to get our pumpkins orange and ripe in time for Halloween, we cut them from their vines and placed them inside the greenhouse.

We took a couple home with us to place on the windowsills too. It worked, they started turning orange all be it rather slowly and we had to turn them often.

The ones at home on the windowsill were turning quickest, therefore it was back to the plot to transport the rest home. By the time Halloween rolled around our pumpkins were noticeably more orange in colour. I even think some family members thought they were shop bought too!

I also purchased some fruit which had mixed success.

Raspberries – Autumn Treasure (these provided us with small offerings, I think other critters beat me to a few)
Strawberries – Malling Opal (Like the broccoli, most of the plants died off, what did survive we didn’t get a lot from)
Blackberry – Reuben (Had an accident, thanks to the husband who caught it with the strimmer! We shall have to see if it’s survived the winter as it was only small)
Gooseberry – Invicta (Not sure whats happened with this one it produced about 2 gooseberries, then all the foliage dropped off)

We managed to plant out some potatoes earlier in the year last year and they did brilliantly my son had his toy wheelbarrow full of goodies. He loved digging deep for them and discovering more and more remarking that they were ‘big ones’ I just can’t remember what variety we had!

We also tried Maris Peer later in the season, but when we went to harvest them towards winter they were an abysmal collection.

So that pretty much concludes the fruit and veg I purchased in 2017. Hopefully this year I actually get to taste it all. I shall document all outcomes though good and bad. As one can never really know what will triumph one year to the next. Fingers crossed for more epic pumpkins though!

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