My 2018 Seed Selection

We’ve had some lovely bright, if not chilly days up here recently and it’s really got me thinking about spring and what seeds to sow this year. I put my order in with Suttons Seeds, our allotment benefits from a discount code so I made full use of that!

I also ordered my seed potatoes through Suttons but they can’t be despatched when frost is forecast. I have ordered the Arran Pilot, Kestrel and King Edward. Two varieties were picked because they are well regarded and the other because it was a nickname of mine.

So here is a little run down of what I chose and why;

Brussels Sprout – F1 Cotent
Brussel sprouts are a staple for me with my christmas dinner so i have to give it a go growing my own!

Carrot – Rainbow Mix
These i bought for C. I’m hoping to set up his own raised bed and i thought harvesting some multi coloured carrots would make it more interesting and fun for him.

Cucumber – F1 Baby
I saw some baby cucumbers in my local supermarket not long ago. For me this is great because we never get through a whole one before they go off. So having some smaller baby sized ones will mean less waste.

Cornichon – Vert Petit de Paris
I bought these because i forgot i had the gherkins from last year to be honest. It will be good to learn to pickle my veg.

Cress – Curled
Who doesn’t like a bit of cress in a boiled egg sandwich?! These are quick and easy and good for C to see growing at home.

Mustard – White
Same goes for the Mustard, nice, quick and easy to grow. Great to garnish salads among other things.

Pea – Douce Provence
I have never tried to grow peas before but i have a memory of shelling peas with my family on my grandparents allotment when i was a small girl.

Pea shoots – Twinkle
Microgreens have been gaining in popularity recently with research showing that they hold a lot more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, than their full sized versions. So i thought i’d give them a go starting with pea shoots. We could do with a health boost over here considering how ill we have been this winter! Eugh!

Sweet Pepper – Rainbow Mix
We are told to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables so why not pick a rainbow variety?! It will be fun to see what i get. I’m sure they will brighten up my summer salads.

Tomato – Moneymaker
There are so many varieties of tomatoes to choose from, its difficult knowing what to go for! So i have chosen a traditional variety which i hope does well on the plot.

Tomato – Artisan Bumble Bee Mix
I couldn’t resist another multi colour variety to grow. These cherry tomatoes will be great in salads

Watercress – Aqua
Picked as another great addition to Salads and soups!


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