Mini update: Seedlings despite the weather.

Apologies for how quiet I have been. With all the snow we have had, I’ve been unable to get up to the allotment. Hopefully that will change this weekend and I will be able to post a better update.

I got bored of waiting for warmer weather so have started some seeds off at home and after 7-10 days I have seedlings. I planted the Tomato Artisan Bumble Bee mix and the Moneymaker varieties and they are starting to show through. Also my Brussels Sprout F1 Content variety have started to pop up. Exciting stuff! It’s great showing C that the little seeds he put into pots, just the other week, are now emerging. He keeps repeating what I told him about being able to eat them when they are bigger. I’m sure he will most likely put them in his mouth, but won’t eat them, unless I blend them into a sauce. Typical Toddler.

I’m sure other people have been better able to get a start on with their veg growing. Unfortunately the forecast still keeps threatening snow into April for us. I really need to encourage the Husband to build me a cold frame at home. Then maybe I won’t be too far behind.

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