Easter Weekend

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Was the Easter Bunny generous? My 3 year old managed to accumulate 10 eggs off 4 people! I’m sure the dentist will be delighted.

As always I had high hopes for the leisurely weekend. Soon to be dashed by the realisation that actually we had other stuff to do, which meant I didn’t get a chance to visit the plot.

However I did try to make up for it by doing a little in my own garden before the weather rained me off.

I’ve staked out a border for a flower bed. I’m debating if it’s worth digging the minimal turf up that hasn’t already died or been smothered by moss. The other option is to do a no dig approach. Cover it in weed suppressing membrane and cut holes where I want the plants and cover in compost. Decisions decisions.

I did manage to get to the nursery and garden centre. I bought a few plants, some of which I managed to plant up in a trough we were given. It’s been positioned under the kitchen window as the sun hits it there. I’ve put 3 strawberry plants of different varieties along with a curry plant, which smells great! I’ve also risked putting in a mint. If it gets carried away though, I will put it in the naughty pot!

IMG_7845(I keep forgetting, but I should probably trim the liner down slightly!)
The strawberry varieties I chose were Buddy, Elsanta and Cambridge Favourite. I’ve had Cambridge Favourite previously and liked them so it was an easy choice.

After all the rubbish winter weather we have seen I decided to treat myself to some new wellies. I figured if the weather was going to continue then they were much needed.

I chose a bright sunshine yellow. To remind me that spring and summer were not far away.

I have another update to upload. Hopefully I will be able to update a bit more regularly from now on. Apologies for the lack of posts recently.

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