The Sun is Shining

I’ve been quiet over here for a bit oops. The sun has graced us with its Presence and I’ve got the sunburn to show for it! That’s what I get for making sure the boy has sunscreen on and forgetting about myself!

I’ve been super busy, we’ve been transforming our back garden and already we have spent a lot more time sat outside in it. Even managed a BBQ and it didn’t rain! The good thing about the weather finally picking up is, I’ve been outside and just getting on with the jobs. Therefore I’ve forgotten to take pictures or write up anything about it all. Doesn’t help my Instagram account (@downontheplot) but my tan has come along nicely. Haha.

Seeds are germinating much better now, especially with the help of one of those mini greenhouses. More or less all that I’m sowing is germinating. Except maybe for the cucumbers and sweet peppers. They’re a little more reluctant. Finally got the tomatoes going and the sunflowers took off so much they keeled over. You win some, you lose some!

I planted up a couple of pots for a tulip/Narcissus/Crocus lasagne. With all the bad weather we have had they all (bar the crocus, they’ve been and gone) seem to have shot up together now. Better late than never!

The allotment is coming along, it’s slowly picking up speed and progress is being made. All the newly built raised beds are in position and i spent 7 hours down there the other week shoveling a tonne of top soil into them. I’ve started laying the weed suppressant membrane where my paths are. I ordered a compost bin and another water butt. Can’t wait to get those and my seedlings up there. Then I can finally start composting the waste that’s piling up.

I also got my raspberry/strawberry bed mostly weeded and I’m attempting to split and move them about, they seem to be merging a bit. Rhubarb is growing very slowly since its move. Will chuck on some rotted manure to help it along I think.

The next biggish job is to get my lovely brand new strimmer down to the plot to attack the grass that has shot up over night! It’s like a jungle in some parts. Eek!

On a final note I’m hoping to par-take in the #30DaysWild challenge in June by The Wildlife Trust’s. With any luck I’ll remember to actually take pictures to show you what we plan on getting up to for that. I post more over on twitter so if your not already, go follow me on there too @onplot56.

Hopefully I’ll update you all soon with lots of allotment pictures. But I’m rubbish, so don’t hold me to it haha.

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