Day 01 // 30 Days Wild


So for day one of our random act of wildness the toddler and hubby built a tiny insect house (I did say he would get involved unknown to him!).

I picked up the insect house on a recent day trip and thought it would be a nice activity for us to do together. Then I heard about 30 Days Wild and thought it would be great to use for that!


The insect house was a little fiddly to assemble mainly because the hubby had to break out the tools, as the dowel holes were not deep enough for it to slot together properly. This did not bother C though. If anything power tools made it all the more exciting.


Once the the dowels had been fixed it went together pretty quickly. This is C adding the finishing touches.

And the final product.
Now all we have to do is find the perfect spot to place it, so all the critters can move in!

What has everyone else done for their first day of #30DaysWild?


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