Day 02 // 30 Days Wild

TWT_30_Days_Wild_countdown_02[1]Just a quick one today, we are visiting family in the East of England. We didn’t arrive until about 12am so our nature encounter happened really early. Turns out the wildlife just throw themselves at you down here, no hunting required. We befriended a Cockchafer.
He’s having a rest on the Hubby’s hand. Quite an impressive looking beetle, larger than you expect.

In the morning we were out in the garden before the rain came. Admiring the large trees at the bottom. We had a nosy into the pond, I couldn’t resist getting my hands in and giving the small pond a bit of a clear out. But this led to the discovery of tadpoles. It was good to see them flitting about bringing bubbles to the surface.
Not sure you’ll see any from this picture though!

Hopefully the rain holds off tomorrow so we can get down to the beach. We didn’t pack any warmer clothes. It’s not often the North is warmer than here!

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