Day 03 // 30 Days Wild

TWT_30_Days_Wild_countdown_03[2]Day 3, I haven’t stopped, I’ve been out and about and I’m home now from visiting family. It was nice to have a different garden to explore and discover in. The small pond back at my families house has been cleaned completely.

There were lots of tadpoles discovered and even a little newt family. Here’s a picture of my new friend.
img_8374The Husband took our son for a walk early in the morning and surprised me with this lovely posy of wildflowers when i got up. (I said he’d get involved, he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it!)
img_8342The colours together are so bright and summery. They definitely put a smile on my face.

We went for a walk along a local beach in the afternoon. The sun had finally come out, clear skies and a view for miles. Such a beautiful day after Saturdays rain. It didn’t hold for long as the mist rolled in off the sea. But I got some great pictures. #Nofilterneeded
The little one had great fun running around on top of this old War bunker, they all had a good explore inside too. Unfortunately as is with these things, some people like to use them and leave their rubbish behind.
We had hoped to look for Samphire to see if it was starting to grow ready for harvesting, but the area was cordoned off for ground nest birds. I like to pick a little bit of Samphire when it’s ready, as it’s something we used to do when I was a child. Also it tastes great and the fresher the better! Instead though we found these holes on the mound by the bunker. Who lives in a house like this?
Overall we all had a great day getting out into the countryside and on to the beaches. I wonder where the next 27 days takes us, Where have you all been so far?

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