Day 04 // 30 Days Wild

TWT_30_Days_Wild_countdown_04[1]Most of the day we spent driving, The views across open country side were great, but unfortunately I didn’t capture any pictures. The toddler was over tired from all of the excitement at the weekend, that he had a full on meltdown a lot of the way home. We stopped loads but not to admire the flora and fauna.

But all was not lost as we have some guests. Tadpoles. I’m a little bit torn about doing this, it was the Husbands idea and he’s even ordered a tank online. It is educational though. You can’t really see them go from frogspawn to frog in a pond, especially if you don’t have one in your back garden. We have brought some inside to watch each stage of their metamorphosis. It will be great to see what C makes of it all. I am not planning on doing this again. I like my wildlife in the wild!

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