Day 05 // 30 Days Wild

TWT_30_Days_Wild_countdown_05[1]C has been to pre-school this morning and there are some lovely flowers growing along the path we walk.
img_8389.jpgIt’s been good to see the changes in our own garden since Friday. It’s always a bit more than you think. We haven’t had any rain up here either, which is really quite surprising!
Some of the flowers in the border have started to bloom and some have gone over. I’ve discovered that we seem to have a solitary bee in the flower border too, nestled by a cosmos I planted out last week.
img_8406 img_8407
We checked up on the Sunflower seeds C grew when he got home, they have grown so quickly. It’s probably time I got on with his little raised bed down on the allotment now so he can plant them out for the sunflower competition.
My Elephant Garlic seems to be growing well despite the hiccup at the start. That is a story for another blog post I keep meaning to write up though.
Roll on another day of exploration!

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