Day 06 // 30 Days Wild

TWT_30_Days_Wild_countdown_06[1]Today I briefly visited the allotment. It was in need of a water after all this dry weather we seem to be having (Really what is going on with that?). It was lovely to see things are actually fruiting.

I have many strawberries some of which I have been lucky to beat the critters to. Yey! My Goosberries are starting to grow too.
The radish was ready to pull even if it is looking a little long rather than round. Some of my purple Sprouting Broccoli looks like it may have taken a nibble or two. Other than this though things are growing and so are the weeds!

I hoed the weeds the week before my weekend away and I had to give them another quick hoe over this morning. There are many jobs to be getting on with on the allotment. I may have to make it a job for tomorrow, but for today I am going to enjoy my small harvest.

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