Day 10 // 30 Days Wild

TWT_30_Days_Wild_countdown_10[1]Ah! Here we are day 10, 1/3 of the way through the challenge. Today I discovered one of our tadpole friends is starting to grow his frog legs. They are super tiny at the moment and no picture I try to capture does it any justice. It is so exciting to see the metamorphosis starting.

We took a trip to the allotment today to catch up on some watering, the rain we have had hasn’t been enough to make the ground wet. It’s exciting to discover the cucumber plant doing so well. Also the Pumpkins are starting to grow fruit and the strawberries are doing great!
img_8430img_8440We took C’s sunflower seedlings up with us they were starting to get a bit leggy. We finally finished setting up his little raised bed. His is having the no dig approach (So would mine if the grass would just stop growing through!) Lucky we had a couple of biggish deliveries recently, so we saved the boxes to lay over the weeds and covered those over in compost. C dug holes with his hands and put his sunflower seedlings in and covered them up again (sometimes a little too well, he buried them.) Really proud he did it all by himself.
img_8446He is definitely showing signs of interest in growing our own plants and vegetables. He has actually started eating strawberries because we have grown them ourselves, he has seen them develop and picked them. He was so happy with the strawberries we picked at the allotment today he wanted them for snack time and said he wasn’t prepared to share. 😦
img_8433Not long now and we will have the first of the first early potatoes. They have flowered, I can’t wait to see if we have done well (or not). It’s always an exciting discovery potatoes because you can’t see that they are there. What have been your first summer harvests?

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