Day 7-9 // 30 Days Wild

Eek! So I got a little behind in updating the blog, but I have still been embracing nature.

TWT_30_Days_Wild_countdown_07[1]Day 7: Thursday, this was an inset day for us at preschool and I wasn’t feeling too well. After being away at the weekend I also had a lot of housework to catch up on. Therefore I didn’t get to head up to the allotment like I wanted to.

We got around to doing a trial run of flower printing though. Taking cuttings from the garden of flowers and leaves and then securing them to fabric and bashing with a hammer. Great fun, even if our attempt looks a little messy and hasn’t quite worked out. I’m awaiting some fabric to arrive in the post for a proper go. I’d love to get an imprint good enough to frame.

The new tank for the tadpoles arrived, so the hubby (see involved again) went off to collect pond water and debris. We set the tank up and moved them over. They loved the extra space to swim about in, dancing around in the water as soon as they’d been carefully tipped in.

TWT_30_Days_Wild_countdown_08[1]Day 8: I went into town with the in-laws, they like to go to the market that’s on, so I tagged along to see the plant man. I needed to buy some bedding plants to fill the spaces in the garden while the perennials take root and bulk out a bit more. At the moment there isn’t a lot of colour and the newly acquired impatiens are now adding splashes of pink and white, although I didn’t realize I may need a fair few more trays oops! I also bought some petunias and dahlias.

C has been really keen to help plant them out too, insisting at having a go, getting them out of their trays which was a little hard for me to not take control over. I was worried he was just going to rip out half of the plant. With some careful instruction though he managed and they don’t look too bashed! He also wanted to plant them in holes. He’s really starting to take more of an active interest in doing it for himself and not just because he has to tag along with Mummy.

TWT_30_Days_Wild_countdown_09[1]Day 9: We headed out on a trip to B&Q, initially because I wanted some paint testers. The house has been feeling a little boring and neutral since moving in (it was intentional though.) C has been asking for a Green bedroom too. While I was there I couldn’t not look at the indoor plants on display. C picked another succulent for his bedroom. He seemed to like the feel of it as he couldn’t stop touching it. I think his favourite colour seems to be Green as the pot happened to be a lime green colour too.
img_8469I’d like to try to take cuttings from these at some point. Also from my Monstera in the Kitchen. I’ll have to have a good read up on the subject though. Have you ever taken any succulent cuttings and have any good tips to share?

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