Autumn Is Coming

It’s been a while since I checked in. The heatwave we had put a stop to gardening at the allotment, as I took shelter in the shade. I’m fair skinned so I don’t last long in the heat. That and being in the North West of the UK i’m used to cooler summers haha!

My gardening consisted of irregular watering in June with not a lot going on, anything sown from March/April (that had germinated from the long frosts/snow) had not long been planted out. Then annoyingly we had some rabbit damage. They wiped out the few carrots and spring onions I had in and a lettuce or two.

As July came around and the heat stayed I gave up all hope of the allotment surviving. I was sure rabbits would get passed my flimsy attempt at netting over any remaining produce. I didn’t water at all this month from what I remember.

Now we are in August, I decided since we had some rain and the weather was giving way to cooler temps, I would risk poking my head around on the plot.

Well wasn’t I pleasantly surprised! I have tomato plants outside that had grown, but silly me forgot to add in any supports (mainly cos I was expecting epic failure). All the fruits are still green though. I have tried to lift them off the ground to let in more air and light.

My autumn raspberries were forming and some were even ripening. The best surprise of all was our Pumpkins! We have one epic pumpkin growing in the same bed as last year. Also the Rhubarb next to it is really large!

I couldn’t have been any happier to see that pumpkin after being so deflated after June’s mishaps. It’s definitely been a tricky year for me to get the balance right with the out of character weather we have had.

What I’m taking away from this year is to do more successional sowings. Net everything after planting out. Maybe stick to growing salad leaves at home.

I hope everyone else has had better luck than me. I am coming into my second autumn on the plot so this year is definitely the year I get my paths laid properly to stop all the grasses and thistles and weeds growing rampant. Physically I can’t keep up with all the strimming it’s taking me to regain control!

5 thoughts on “Autumn Is Coming

    1. I think we will have a couple for Halloween, then there are some smaller ones growing too. Hopefully they all ripen so I can look for some recipes to experiment with. We don’t really eat a lot of Pumpkin in the UK. I have made cake in the past with pumpkin purée. So that’s an option. Soup sounds like a good idea too! Thanks!

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      1. We used to live in England and it was an Australian who convinced us to taste pumpkin. We’ve been hooked ever since, of course!

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