If there is one thing I NEVER feel guilty about buying, it’s books! If it’s books about gardening and growing then even better, because then they’re educational and will help me get the best out of my allotment.
img_9192I’d like to share with you my recent little book haul, I managed to get these from a bargain bookshop I like to visit from time to time, as they offer older copies and things you may not necessarily find in larger chain book stores. I have added links to where you can purchase these online (opens in a new window), if any of these books interest you too.

1. Your Garden In War-Time – C.H.Middleton

This book is made up from a series of radio talks aired on the BBC encouraging and talking people through turning their small gardens into areas to grow produce during the War. The Author launched the Dig for Victory campaign in 1939. I picked this book up because 1. It was about growing your own and 2. I wanted to understand a little more about life during the war and to compare how they gardened and how we garden now. I’m not far into this book yet, maybe I will review it when finished.

2. Herbs and Healing Plants of Britain and Europe – Collins Nature Guides
I picked this book up as I thought it would be interesting to see what plants have and are being used for. It’s quite the guide, illustrating with clear colour photographs what each plant looks like, whether or not it is poisonous or if it is a protected species. It tells you what is in it and what ailment it would likely be used to treat. It even provides tips on how to use certain ones at home.

3. RHS Botany for Gardeners – Mitchell Beazley

To be honest it was the cover on this one that drew me in. I sold it to myself by saying in my head that if I ever get around to studying an RHS course this book may come in handy. Haha. I used to really enjoy my biology classes when we learnt about plants, so i’m hoping to rediscover a bit of that through this book I guess. Plus a better understanding on the functions of plants will mean I can provide better care and reap the rewards.

4. How to Store Your Home Grown Produce – John and Val Harrison
I chose this book as I always like to know the best ways of storing and keeping my produce for longer. So far I have deduced that next year I may need to invest in another freezer! There are some lovely little recipes in the book that I hope to try one day. If my tomatoes ever ripen i’ll be able to do the Basic Tomato Ketchup, which should be a hit with the toddler!

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