Disaster on the plot!

Hey guys! So I haven’t checked in since January! In January I started a new course to become an Early Years Educator, I already hold a L4 Teaching Assistant qualification but wanted to broaden my options. Hence why I have been very quiet over the school year. Needless to say this has led me to get behind on the allotment. It has become an over grown mess of a place and I questioned if I should even keep it on!

Complete mess!

Most of what I had sown on the plot around April time has been eaten by the rabbits. So it’s been a real roller coaster this year in growing our own. I have winter veg protected for the most part so here’s hoping i get some cauliflowers and brussels sprouts at the very least. I did manage to save the Chard before it was nibbled. The onions got pulled up before the pesky rabbits could eat any more of the tops (didn’t think rabbits would like those? Is it even rabbits?).

The odd lonely carrot left.

Anyway the garden at home has brought a little more success. I have a new Green house! I absolutely love it. It’s currently home to my vampire chilies, which aren’t fruiting yet? Bell pepper which are now forming fruits and a tomato plant with one lonely tomato on it. I also sowed some lettuce in to the raised bed, alongside two aubergine plants and two mini munch cucumbers. The cucumbers were a must when I realised the boy had been eating them for snack at preschool. Here are a few pictures of the much more colourful garden to enjoy.

These flowers have been attracting lots of pollinators it’s so nice just to sit and listen to the bees going about their business. It’s quite calming.

Hopefully it won’t be so long next time before I check in again! How has everyone else’s season gone so far? We are now expecting high temperatures so don’t forget to get out and water those plants morning and evening, avoiding the hottest part of the day where possible, to give your plants the chance to absorb as much water as they can.

Happy Gardening and growing your own!

K x.


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