It’s been a while… again


I’m refreshing the website ready for a new year of growing. A spring clean. Last year was a write off. I had a lot of personal problems going on and my allotment was failing. I was unable to maintain it due to an op on my wrist and the personal issues. To top it off the person who inspired all of this and my allotment, who I was close with, passed away just before Christmas. I hope to write a memorial post when I feel I can do it justice. This year though I have a plan for the plot and garden and I am determined to see it through!

Currently as part of my Diploma in Early Years, I am volunteering at my local school in a reception class. The teacher is aware of my love of gardening and growing my own food and she wants to utilise this with her class. Woohoo! So Hopefully any plans and ideas I come up with for the class I hope to share on here. I’d love to create some things which are focused on getting children outside and growing. Combining my two interests. After all getting my son involved from an early age has given him an awareness of healthy foods and what is good for our bodies. This has enticed him to try new foods and eat more fruit and vegetables.

This was just a very quick check in as I know I have seriously neglected the blog! Hopefully as my course comes to an end my writing will pick up more and more.

Happy Growing!
K. x

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