Hello, Welcome to my blog. Hopefully you have found your way here as you want to learn to grow your own produce on a small scale. I have been growing on and off probably all of my life. I started by helping my step-grandad on his allotment as a small child, pulling spuds, picking peas and playing in the greenhouse surrounded by the smell of tomatoes. You can read about how I got into having an allotment and wanting to grow my own produce here. I am not an expert, I read up and experiment and learn from others also.

I started this blog to keep tabs on my progress on the allotment. Sharing the ups and downs, rights and wrongs of all that I did on my plot. Since then, life changed and we brought the allotment closer to home… The back garden to be precise. So now I am growing a kitchen garden in an urban environment. I’m hoping to educate my son on growing our own vegetables, instil a love of eating good healthy, fresh food, whilst he has the freedom to play and explore, as he so wishes.

Primarily this blog started about our journey growing fruit and vegetables. However, I hope to evolve it into a place where I can share ways in which we can all be a little more environmentally friendly in our everyday lives. As well as share some family/child friendly ideas and outings. I may not always get it right, but lets grow and learn together!

Happy Gardening!


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