Day 10 // 30 Days Wild

Ah! Here we are day 10, 1/3 of the way through the challenge. Today I discovered one of our tadpole friends is starting to grow his frog legs. They are super tiny at the moment and no picture I try to capture does it any justice. It is so exciting to see the metamorphosis starting. … Continue reading Day 10 // 30 Days Wild

Day 7-9 // 30 Days Wild

Eek! So I got a little behind in updating the blog, but I have still been embracing nature. Day 7: Thursday, this was an inset day for us at preschool and I wasn't feeling too well. After being away at the weekend I also had a lot of housework to catch up on. Therefore I … Continue reading Day 7-9 // 30 Days Wild

Day 06 // 30 Days Wild

Today I briefly visited the allotment. It was in need of a water after all this dry weather we seem to be having (Really what is going on with that?). It was lovely to see things are actually fruiting. I have many strawberries some of which I have been lucky to beat the critters to. … Continue reading Day 06 // 30 Days Wild

Day 05 // 30 Days Wild

C has been to pre-school this morning and there are some lovely flowers growing along the path we walk. It's been good to see the changes in our own garden since Friday. It's always a bit more than you think. We haven't had any rain up here either, which is really quite surprising! Some of … Continue reading Day 05 // 30 Days Wild

Day 04 // 30 Days Wild

Most of the day we spent driving, The views across open country side were great, but unfortunately I didn't capture any pictures. The toddler was over tired from all of the excitement at the weekend, that he had a full on meltdown a lot of the way home. We stopped loads but not to admire … Continue reading Day 04 // 30 Days Wild

Day 03 // 30 Days Wild

Day 3, I haven't stopped, I've been out and about and I'm home now from visiting family. It was nice to have a different garden to explore and discover in. The small pond back at my families house has been cleaned completely. There were lots of tadpoles discovered and even a little newt family. Here's … Continue reading Day 03 // 30 Days Wild

Day 02 // 30 Days Wild

Just a quick one today, we are visiting family in the East of England. We didn't arrive until about 12am so our nature encounter happened really early. Turns out the wildlife just throw themselves at you down here, no hunting required. We befriended a Cockchafer. He's having a rest on the Hubby's hand. Quite an … Continue reading Day 02 // 30 Days Wild

Day 01 // 30 Days Wild

So for day one of our random act of wildness the toddler and hubby built a tiny insect house (I did say he would get involved unknown to him!). I picked up the insect house on a recent day trip and thought it would be a nice activity for us to do together. Then I … Continue reading Day 01 // 30 Days Wild


This June my little one and I and unknown to him, the hubby will be taking part in 30DaysWild. What is 30DaysWild? Its a campaign run by The Wildlife Trusts to make more room for nature in your life. No matter how busy you get, working, raising the kids living your life, its about stopping … Continue reading #30DaysWild