The Back Garden Project and a New Friend.

Hands up! How many of us brought a new dog into our lives at the start of the first lockdown? That would be me! Our beloved German Shepherd passed away in the summer of 2019. She lived to be 12. It was quieter in the house even though she really wasn't a noisy dog, neither … Continue reading The Back Garden Project and a New Friend.

Disaster on the plot!

Hey guys! So I haven't checked in since January! In January I started a new course to become an Early Years Educator, I already hold a L4 Teaching Assistant qualification but wanted to broaden my options. Hence why I have been very quiet over the school year. Needless to say this has led me to … Continue reading Disaster on the plot!

Brussels Sprouts!

So it's been a while since I frequented the allotment. The weather is definitely feeling more wintery by the day. There isn't a lot growing going on at the moment. Still I thought I'd better pop down to check nothing was out of place. My onions are growing steadily and the garlic has started to … Continue reading Brussels Sprouts!

2018 Seed Recap

Now that most of the produce grown has fulfilled it's purpose I thought I would spend this glorious day recapping what seeds worked well for us this summer, from the purchases I made earlier in the year. Instead of you know, actually being on the allotment, making the most of the sun before winter! You … Continue reading 2018 Seed Recap

Allotment Tour/Autumn Tidy Up.

Hello Hello! So over the past couple of weeks I have been busy tidying up my plot for 'inspections' and getting it prepped and put to bed for winter. I've not really shared much progress from the plot recently so I thought I would give you a pre-tidy tour of my allotment. Its a pre-tidy … Continue reading Allotment Tour/Autumn Tidy Up.


If there is one thing I NEVER feel guilty about buying, it's books! If it's books about gardening and growing then even better, because then they're educational and will help me get the best out of my allotment. I'd like to share with you my recent little book haul, I managed to get these from … Continue reading Books!

Autumn Is Coming

It's been a while since I checked in. The heatwave we had put a stop to gardening at the allotment, as I took shelter in the shade. I'm fair skinned so I don't last long in the heat. That and being in the North West of the UK i'm used to cooler summers haha! My … Continue reading Autumn Is Coming

Day 10 // 30 Days Wild

Ah! Here we are day 10, 1/3 of the way through the challenge. Today I discovered one of our tadpole friends is starting to grow his frog legs. They are super tiny at the moment and no picture I try to capture does it any justice. It is so exciting to see the metamorphosis starting. … Continue reading Day 10 // 30 Days Wild

Day 06 // 30 Days Wild

Today I briefly visited the allotment. It was in need of a water after all this dry weather we seem to be having (Really what is going on with that?). It was lovely to see things are actually fruiting. I have many strawberries some of which I have been lucky to beat the critters to. … Continue reading Day 06 // 30 Days Wild

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Was the Easter Bunny generous? My 3 year old managed to accumulate 10 eggs off 4 people! I'm sure the dentist will be delighted. As always I had high hopes for the leisurely weekend. Soon to be dashed by the realisation that actually we had … Continue reading Easter Weekend