If there is one thing I NEVER feel guilty about buying, it's books! If it's books about gardening and growing then even better, because then they're educational and will help me get the best out of my allotment. I'd like to share with you my recent little book haul, I managed to get these from … Continue reading Books!

Day 10 // 30 Days Wild

Ah! Here we are day 10, 1/3 of the way through the challenge. Today I discovered one of our tadpole friends is starting to grow his frog legs. They are super tiny at the moment and no picture I try to capture does it any justice. It is so exciting to see the metamorphosis starting. … Continue reading Day 10 // 30 Days Wild

Mini update: Seedlings despite the weather.

Apologies for how quiet I have been. With all the snow we have had, I've been unable to get up to the allotment. Hopefully that will change this weekend and I will be able to post a better update. I got bored of waiting for warmer weather so have started some seeds off at home … Continue reading Mini update: Seedlings despite the weather.

Allotment Review

Welcome February, the shortest month of the year which takes us straight into Spring. There are signs of life starting to show in the garden. Buds forming on the bare branches, green shoots daring to poke their way up through the cold ground. It's building the excitement for the buzz and warmth of summer, when … Continue reading Allotment Review

Allotment Life.

I have wanted an allotment since I moved up north 10 years ago! (Where does time go?). The background behind this is that when I was a young girl my grandparents used to take me up to their allotment. They kept a few animals up there so it was essentially more like a small holding. … Continue reading Allotment Life.