My 2018 Seed Selection

We've had some lovely bright, if not chilly days up here recently and it's really got me thinking about spring and what seeds to sow this year. I put my order in with Suttons Seeds, our allotment benefits from a discount code so I made full use of that! I also ordered my seed potatoes … Continue reading My 2018 Seed Selection

2017 Seed Recap

No, you've not read that wrong... yes it is 2018. Last year was a pretty busy one and all the wonderful seeds I purchased in eagerness to plant on the plot got left in a dark cupboard, well apart from the pumpkins that is. So I have quite the collection for this year now that … Continue reading 2017 Seed Recap

Allotment Review

Welcome February, the shortest month of the year which takes us straight into Spring. There are signs of life starting to show in the garden. Buds forming on the bare branches, green shoots daring to poke their way up through the cold ground. It's building the excitement for the buzz and warmth of summer, when … Continue reading Allotment Review

Allotment Life.

I have wanted an allotment since I moved up north 10 years ago! (Where does time go?). The background behind this is that when I was a young girl my grandparents used to take me up to their allotment. They kept a few animals up there so it was essentially more like a small holding. … Continue reading Allotment Life.