Gardening With Kids

We can all relate to raising a child who goes through a phase of being a difficult eater. They may point blank refuse to touch mash but will happily devour chips? They are so good at eating cake but put a pea on the plate and you may as well have initiated WW3? Sound familiar?

We have also all heard that if you get the child to cook their own food they are more likely to eat it (or at the very least sample it). Now we’re not going to send our picky two year olds to the stove to cook their own food. There is however another way…

If they have grown and helped pick their own vegetables and fruit, then they are more likely to try it too. I didn’t ever think this would work for my son when he went through a really testing phase of not eating anything but fish fingers and potato smiles (*Hides with embarrassment*) but growing our own strawberries were the key to cracking this little nut.

Here I aim to share with you the ways we can encourage our children’s enthusiasm for growing our own food and enjoying the rewards of harvesting and eating them too. In doing so we can teach them how to really appreciate the environment and help protect it. We can also develop good, healthy eating habits and promote the benefits of having a balanced diet to support our own health and wellbeing.

I encourage you to share your journeys as we share ours.